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    Setting up a wallet on Optimism Goerli testnet

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      To test TrueFi contracts, users must first configure and fund their wallet on *Optimism Goerli* testnet.
      To get started, navigate to []( and click "connect". This will prompt you to switch networks.
      Review and click "Approve" in wallet to add Optimism Goerli testnet details.
      Review and click "Switch network" in wallet to switch to Optimism Goerli testnet.
      To fund your wallet with test ETH, go to []( (or another faucet) and input your wallet address.
      Click "Request tokens" to receive test ETH in your wallet.
      (Optional) Get test USDC so you can test lending funds. Navigate to the testnet USDC contract at []( Make sure you are on the "Write Contract" tab.
      Connect your wallet by clicking "Connect to Web3." Click "4. mint" and input your address into the `receiver` field. Next, Input the amount of test USDC you wish to mint, followed by 6 decimals. Then click write to queue the transaction.
      Now that you have test ETH and test USDC in your wallet, you can proceed to test TrueFi contracts on Optimism Goerli.

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