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    Diamond Club | Add Awards to LinkedIn Profile

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    Navigate to LinkedIn <https://www.linkedin.com>
    Navigate to [https://www.linkedin.com/feed/](https://www.linkedin.com/feed/)
    Click the Me icon.
    Click "View Profile"
    Click "Add profile section"
    Click "Additional"
    Click "Add honors & awards"
    Click the "Title" field and enter "Diamond Club Recipient"
    Enter the corresponding role from your LinkedIn profile
    Enter the month and year you were notified
    Enter month you were notified. I.E. January 2024 (for performance from Oct-Dec 2023)
    Click the "Description" field.
    Enter in the description "Achievement of Diamond Club by earning diamond level EIP (Employee Incentive Program) every month **Q4 2023"** and personalize quarter/year
    Click "Add media" and ***upload a PDF*** of your certificate.
    Click "Save"
    All set! Questions? Reach out to your manager!
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