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    Differentiated Language Lessons

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    Navigate to [https://www.hmhco.com/ui/#/admin/my-schools](https://www.hmhco.com/ui/#/admin/my-schools)
    Click "Discover"
    Click "Open Lesson"
    Click "Lesson Plan 1.1: Anchor Video: Abracadabra"
    Open the PDF and find the keywords for the Language Lesson.
    Click the "​Search Program" field.
    Type in the keyword for the lesson "click [[enter]]"
    Click "Audience"
    Click "Component"
    Click "RDI: Speaking and Listening"
    Click "Reset"
    Click "Component"
    Click the "RDI: Speaking and Listening" field.
    Click "Apply"
    Click "Academic Discussion"
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