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    Discord Basics

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    Entering The Tony Michaels Podcast For the First Time

    Login or create your free Discord account.
    Click on the '+' located on the bottom left.
    Click on 'Join a Server.'
    When prompted, paste the invite link into the box.

    Anatomy of a Discord Server

    The next couple of images will show you the different parts of your Discord account. On the left, the circle icons are all the servers you are a member of. The top one in this example is The Tony Michaels Podcast. On the bottom is the button to adjust your account settings.
    On the left, you will find 'Categories' and 'Channels.' Channels are usually grouped into Categories by topic or type, depending on how the server is created. In the image, this server's channels are grouped into topic categories. On the bottom are music and video channels where members of the server can use the voice/video chat features to chat, listen to music, or watch videos together. On the right are other members of the same server who are online and have their settings set to show their activity status. We'll get back to activity status later on in the guide.

    Talking In a Channel

    To type a message in a channel, go to the channel you want to chat in, and in the text box, write your message. Then hit 'Enter.'
    You can also add an emoji to your message as shown in the image below.
    This is what it will look like when the message is posted.

    Using GIFs

    If you want to send a GIF, select the GIF icon, and a menu will appear that will allow you to search the GIFs available. Click on a category or use the search bar for a keyword search to find a GIF. NOTE: Once you click on a GIF, it will automatically post.
    If there is a GIF you use often, you can click the star icon in the top right of the image, and it will save to your favorites.
    Once the yellow star is highlighted it is saved to your favorites.
    When you go to the 'Favorites' category in the GIF menu, you will see it there.

    Attaching a File

    You can also attach files in your message. To do this, click on the '+'.
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