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    Distributions Section

    • Brokerage Engine |
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      Edit Disbursement Settings for each entity

      Navigate to Distribution section on Commission Detail Page
      Any entity being paid from this transaction will appear in this section
      Click here to edit how this entity is to be paid
      Select if being paid at title (at the table) or from the Brokerage
      If from Brokerage, select if being paid by check or EFT/ACH
      Click "Save"
      Click "OK"

      Generated Documents

      Click here to view the agent breakdown for agent
      Click here to view the Commission Disbursement Authorization (CDA)
      Click here to email any of the documents from the system
      Any entity with an email in system will be available as a selectable email to quickly add
      Can Cc: any additional emails to receive the documents
      Select which document or documents you want to attach.

      Change CDA Grouping

      Click "Edit CDA GROUPING"
      Select the option to combine everything into one CDA or select the option to generate a separate CDA for each agent
      Click "OK"
      Click "OK"
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