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    Document Checklist Setup

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      Add New Checklist Placeholder

      Navigate to the corresponding configuration page depending on what checklist file you are looking to add too. example: [clientdomain] .com/admin/configuration/document/transaction
      Tip! Recommended to build all checklist items out under the conditional tab. This way you can manage the full order of them. If a Document is always required - just don't set a condition and it will treat as required
      Click on the Conditional Tab
      Click "Add Conditional Document"
      Enter the Name of the Document placeholder
      Add a description if desired. This displays in smaller text right underneath the name of the document
      Tip! Description is commonly used to indicate document type. i.e - discloure, report, addendum, etc
      Set as "No Condition" to treat document as required all the time

      Set Document Conditions

      Click "Property Type"
      Once Property Type is selected - all available property types display under the condition value
      Click "Add"
      Click "State"
      If State is selected - enter the 2 letter abbreviation in lower case in the condition value field. example: tx
      Select either of these options to only have the document checklist item trigger based on which side of deal is represented

      Restrict Document Access

      Click here to edit an existing checklist item
      Alert! [SELLER] = Restricts document visibility to only listing side agents [BUYER] = Restricts document visibility to only buying side agents [ADMIN] = Restricts document visibility to only Administrators
      Add corresponding [PREFIX] in front of name to restrict document visibility. Example below:
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