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    Eagle's Eye: Soar Through Your Workday Tasks!


    **Quick Tips for Desktop Browsers:** Use the floating menu on the left to jump to specific sections of this guide. **Workday works best in Firefox.**


    **Access Workday easily through your My NWACC account with just a few simple steps.** Let's get started!
    Navigate to [www.nwacc.edu](http://www.nwacc.edu) and click "**Login**" in the top right corner.
    Click "**My NWACC**"
    **Enter your NWACC Username and Password**
    **Need help logging in?** Reach out to the IT Help Desk at 479-986-4000, option 3, or [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) during weekday hours. They are open Mon-Thu 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM and Fri 7:30 AM-4:30 PM in the Fall and Spring semesters, and Mon-Thu 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM in the Summer.
    Once logged into My NWACC, on the left side menu, click **"WORKDAY"**
    Click "**Workday Login**"


    **Get your student account fully updated in Workday with onboarding!** Complete it before you register at NWACC and provide important information, like transfer plans and admissions documents, to keep your account current and ready for action!
    Check out the "**Awaiting Your Action**" box every time you log into Workday - it's crucial! **Click on any of the tasks to begin Onboarding.**

    Complete Orientation

    Get familiar with NWACC's services, resources, and policies by taking the required online First-Time Student Orientation course! You'll also learn how to meet with an advisor and register for courses. Once completed, expect to receive personalized course recommendations from an Advisor. **⚠ Alert! If this is your first-time attending college after completing post-secondary studies (e.g., high school, GED), you must complete the First-Time Student Orientation.**
    Take a look at the task instructions - we'll be completing Orientation. **Orientation is required for all First-Time Students at NWACC.** **Click on the Orientation Link**
    Review the information on the Orientation page and then **click "College Student Orientation"** button to go to the online course in Canvas.
    **Once you've completed the Orientation course, return to Workday and click Submit on the task.**

    Add Intended Institution

    **Take a look at the task instructions - we'll be entering transfer plans.** Entering your Transfer Plans will help connect you with Transfer Schools and Visits and help your Advisor keep you on the best path for your plans. If transferring isn't in your plans, simply hit the orange "submit" button and skip to step 17 of this guide.
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