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    Edit Billing Schedule Header (T&M)

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    The Billing Schedule is linked to the Contract, but you can also access it via the Project record.
    - On the Project record, click [[Financials]] tab
    - Click [[Contract / Billing]] subtab
    - Click [[...]] next to the **Billing Schedule** name
    - Under Actions, hover over [[Billing Schedule]] - Select [[Edit Schedule Header]]
    - If the Billing Schedule has been previously submitted, the related action will be [[Change]] - Then once in the Billing Schedule record, you will scroll to the middle section for the various option such as: Edit Schedule Header, Manage Lines, etc.
    - Click [[OK]] to access the Billing Schedule menu
    - Select [[Bill-To Contact(s)]] if applicable - For further instructions, see [Setup Bill-To Contacts](https://scribehow.com/shared/Setup_Bill-To_Contacts__QLSSC-QQTbSzs_IeA5e32w)
    - This next step is critical for the Invoice Proposal process to work as intended. - If not selected, the PM will have to approve twice.
    - Select [[Auto-Submit Invoices for Approval]]
    - Select [[Invoice Type]] (invoice template)
    - The [[Payment Terms]] and [[PO Number]] fields will default to the Contract settings. - To edit [[ Payment Terms]], amend the Contract and make changes under the Billing Tab. - If the terms are changed on the Billing Schedule Header, they will be routed for additional approval for each invoice generated.
    - Enter [[Invoice Memo]] (optional) - This will carry over on every invoice generated - Use [[||]] to move verbiage to the next line (button above Enter key) - Ex: Custom Memo Line 1 || Custom Memo Line 2 || (etc.)
    - Click \[\[OK\]\]
    - Depending on the size of your screen, the next step might not be visible unless you scroll down.
    - Click [[Submit]] - If you do click **Submit** the Billing Schedule will remain in **Draft** status.
    - Click [[OK]]
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