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    Edit Filters D365

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      In CRM select the item you want to open.
      Click "Edit filters".
      Click "Add".
      Select if you want to add a row, group or related entity.
      You can add as many conditions as you want.
      Select the column you want to find the information on.
      Select the operator you are looking for.
      Type the value you are looking for.
      At any time you are able to select "Reset to default" to reset all filters.
      To delete several conditions at a time. Checkmark the conditions you want to delete.
      Click "Delete all filters".
      To delete one condition by itself click "..." next to the condition you want to delete.
      Click "Delete".
      If you're adding a condition to a column with lookups, you can look up the record in the Value field. You can choose "Advanced lookup" to see more fields and search for records within a specific view.
      You can also add a group of conditions. This means you can create multiple sub-conditions and group them using AND & OR operators to create an expression. To add a group of conditions, select "Add group".
      To add a single condition to a group, select the condition checkbox, then select …, and then select "Make group". To separate a group of conditions, select the group's checkbox, then select …, and then select "Ungroup".
      When you are done adding all the conditions, remoting and doing the changes you want, click "Apply" to save all the changes.
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