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    Edit Frequency Options for Recurring Gifts

    • Lindsay Ruan |
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    • 45 seconds
    Navigate to [https://gms.idonate.com/dashboard?dash=indicators](https://gms.idonate.com/dashboard?dash=indicators)
    Click "Embeds"
    Locate the embed you'd like to edit, and click on the gray pencil icon.
    Click "Edit"
    You may view all available frequency options from your embed's frequency dropdown.
    Navigate to the "Secondary" tab.
    Click on the gray "x" next to each frequency option to remove the option from your giving embed frequency dropdown.
    You can add any frequency option back by clicking in the blank space and selecting the frequency you'd like to include.
    Now, only "Monthly" is an available frequency option.
    Click "Publish" to save changes.

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