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    Edmentum: How to Create a Flex Class and Assignments

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    Navigate to Edmentum via Clever
    Click "Flex Assignments"
    Click "Create Flex Class"
    Click the "Enter a class name..." field.
    Your name will already be here as the instructor. If anyone else needs to be an instructor (inclusion teacher, team teacher), you can add them here.
    Click the "search" field under Search All Learners to find your students.
    Type your student's name (first or last).
    Click the + by your student's name. Repeat this step for each student.
    Click "Create Flex Class"
    To give students an assignment, click "New Assignment"
    Name your assignment
    Click the "Start Date \*" field to adjust when students will have access to the assignment.
    Click the "Due Date" field to set a due date for the assignment.
    Click the "Instructions" field to add student instructions.
    Click "Unlimited" drop down to determine how many attempts the student has to complete the tutorial before getting to the mastery test.
    The students in your class will appear here. You have the choice to Add All Students.
    You can also only select certain students to receive this assignment by clicking the + next to their name.
    Scroll down and click the Subject drop down box to select your subject area.
    Select the grade level.
    All optional courses and coursework will appear here.
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