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    Embed a Scribe in an Airtable base

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    Navigate to [https://airtable.com/](https://airtable.com/)
    Click "Extensions"
    Click Add an extension.
    Click the "Find an extension or script" field.
    Type "embed" into the search
    Click "Add" for the Embed extension
    On the next screen, we'll need to get the embed url for your Scribe and paste it in here.
    From your Scribe's share modal, Click "Smart Embed"
    Select just the url of the embed code in between the two " " quotes from src=. Notice the url has /embed/ in it. Copy this url to paste back into Airtable.
    Back in Airtable, in the "Website URL" field paste in the embed url.
    Click "Update"
    You'll get a preview of your Scribe which you can close out.
    Done. Your embed is on the right panel.
    Alternatively, you can skip the Smart Embed screen and just change any scribe url that has /shared/ in it to /embed/ and this will work as well. Just make sure your permissions are set correctly.
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