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    Embed a view into Clickup

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    Navigate to whatever tool/software you want to embed into Clickup
    In this example we'll embed Figma into Clickup
    Click "Share" on the top right corner
    Click on 'get embed code' on the bottom of the pop-up
    Click "Copy" to copy embed code
    Go to Clickup and choose any space/folder/list where you want to embed the code
    We'll choose a list in this example
    Click "+View" on the top of the page
    Click the second last option '</> Embed'
    Click "Anything"
    Click the "Enter HTML" field.
    Press [[cmd]] + [[v]] and copy/paste embed code
    Click "Add View"
    You'll see Figma embedded into Clickup from now on
    This also works with a lot of other apps such as Google Sheets, Airtable, Miro, .... Just try it out and see how these views save you time every time you're in need of them
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