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    Embedding a Scribe into Lessonly

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      Get the Scribe Embed Snippet

      Navigate to [https://scribehow.com/workspace#dashboard](https://scribehow.com/workspace#dashboard)
      Select the Scribe you'd like to embed.
      Click "Share"
      Click "Embed"
      Here you can select the size you'd like and make a few customizations as well.
      Click "Copy Embed Snippet" to copy the code
      Tip! Your embedded Scribe will respect it's sharing settings - so if you want anyone to be able to see it in the embedded location, make sure the sharing settings are "Shareable with Link". Users will be prompted to log into Scribe within the iframe before viewing Scribes that are "Shared with Team" or "Shared With Org".

      Embed into Lessonly

      Navigate to Lessonly, and under a text element click "Edit HTML"
      Click into the HTML editor.
      Press [[cmd]] + [[v]] to paste the Scribe embed snippet.
      Click "Preview" to see how the Scribe will appear in your Lessonly
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