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    Entering Pumping/Inspections information and Linking Submissions as a 3rd party user

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    To grant plumbers third-party access for Pumping or Inspections and to link submissions, the Administrator must create a third-party account through the 'Workers' section in the backend.
    Once the Pumper/Inspector has access. They can log in through <https://home.us.munisight.com/> They will be able to access Pumping Inspection (3rd Parties) workflow. The public will not be able to see this workflow.
    The Pumper/Inspector will be given a Sanitary Permit Submission Number. They can be found on the sanitary permit notices or communicated through Adams County. The user must save the page first. Click "Link Submission" to enter the Sanitary Permit Submission Number.
    Click the "Search" field and enter submission number
    Find the submission number under 'Sanitary Permit' type
    Click "Add" and wait a few seconds for the system to load.
    Once you see sanitary information under the linked submissions details, it indicates that the process was successful. Click "Complete Step" next.
    Under Inspection step - Pumpers will fill all the applicable details.
    Ensure all information is filled
    Once all information is complete. Click "Submit Application"
    An acknowledgment message appears in orange. Click "Submit" The submission is officially created and linked.
    To find the linked submission record under the sanitary permit, find the the submission number.
    Click the sanitary permit submission
    Click "Linked Items" or linked submission tab depending on the status of the submission.
    You will see the highlighted linked submission. This will act as an 'Activity' or 'Linked Submission' that will come into play for bulk actions.
    To view the compliances or statues of those linked submissions. You can create a column view. You must select "Pumping Inspection (For 3rd Parties)" as the workflow in the standard view.
    In this example, we will select "Riser functional" and "Riser cover secured" fields. you may select as many fields as you want.
    Also we will select "Compliant or Non-Compliant". These are fields within the 3rd party workflow.
    The columns now appear and can be downloaded as a CSV and can be used to look at reports and pumping statuses. Click this icon to download.
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