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    Exam Day Checklist

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    Log in to Lingco at: [https://class.lingco.io/](https://class.lingco.io/auth/login)
    Click on **National Exams.\*** \*If you are only registered in one exam, your icon might simply display the name of your exam, eg. National Spanish Exam.
    Select the **exam** you are administering.
    Select the **Level** or Division that you are administering.
    Click "**MODULES**"
    Select the **official** exam. In this example, we are clicking on "**OFFICIAL NSE LEVEL 01 2024**"
    The exam portions will appear on the right. Select a **section**.
    Click on the "**AVAILABILITY**" tab.
    **Locate the Secret Code.** You may save it or share it with your students for them to input into their exam screens to begin that particular exam portion.
    **Each section has its own code.** This is helpful for teachers who administer exam sections on different days, or have multiple class sections in the same Roster.
    **Begin the Exam** Tell your students to enter the Secret Code and click the **Start Assignment** button on their screen. That will start each student’s timer. For a clearer view on what your students will need to do on exam day,[ click here](https://scribehow.com/shared/AATSP_Exams_Student_Perspective__9dKEZDXhRpOlMy5_1GpAuA#89efd229).
    **Monitoring** While your students are taking the exam, you may click the **Submissions** icon to track what your students are doing in real-time.
    **Tracked Events** During the course of the exam, Lingco tracks key events per student: - When they started the exam - When they’ve submitted their final results - If they’ve moved their focus from Lingco to another website or program on their computer. This is required to ensure exam security, and you’ll want to make sure your students understand that this monitoring process is in place. To learn more about Tracked Events and "Red Flags", [click here](https://lingco.notion.site/NSE-2024-Exam-Administration-Guide-9ec4707706bc44d2b78c52b27713bc8c?pvs=25#a54e493e56d84756af2bb58620c453a0).
    **What if there's an emergency?**\ If you encounter extraordinary issues such as an internet crash, a power outage, a website crash, or any other emergency during the exam, please **reach out to Lingco immediately** by clicking on the question mark button on the bottom-right hand corner of the screen to start a Live Chat with tech support.\ \ We strongly encourage you to administer the exam on a desktop computer to avoid any offbeat audiovisual malfunctions during the exam.
    Once the exam is complete, click on the exam level at the top to return to the menu.
    Click "**GRADEBOOK**" to view your students' individual scores.
    The individual scores shown on the **Gradebook** display how well a student performed on the exam. The Gradebook **does not** indicate how a student will place at the national level, or if they will win a medal. National percentiles will be available on Lingco by May 3rd, along with medal placements and student report cards. To find your results, repeat Steps 1-3 on or after May 3rd, 2024.

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