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    Executing Manual Backups of MSL (Mitel Standard Linux) Based Applications

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    Navigate to the /server-manager page of the MSL based application (MiCollab, MiVB, MBG) that you wish to backup and login with the admin credentials.
    Click "Backup" under the Administration section.
    Note: Depending on the application you are backing up, there may be more or less menu options visible on the left-hand side of the page. Despite this, all MSL based applications will have the same sections (Applications, ServiceLink, Administration, etc) shown and general purpose features like "Backup" will be in the same location.
    You will notice that the "Backup to desktop" action is selected by default. In a situation in which you need to obtain an "on demand" database backup, this is the selection you want to choose.
    Click the "Perform" button.
    Depending on the application, the backup process can take some time. When it is complete, you will see a screen similar to the one below letting you know the backup file is ready to download. You can choose to encrypt the backup using a password but as the warning states, if this password is forgotten or not documented, you will not be able to use the backup file to perform a database restore.
    Select the "Download Backup File" option. This will kick off the download process and save the file to the location you specified or to the default file path configured in your web browsers settings.
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