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    Export AI annotations to set as Subtitles

    • Alex Rayfield |
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      Pro Tip! To follow this guide, you will need 'Edit ' permissions on a record. If you already have a subtitles file you can skip to step 13
      Navigate to https://your_|imagen_domain/
      Log in as a user with a user that can edit a record
      Click "Search" and locate your record
      Click "Run workflow"
      Pro tip! You will need an AI and a subtitles workflow from the Imagen Team. Please get in touch with your Imagen contact or [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
      Click this dropdown and select your AI 'workflow' to extract speech
      Click "Run"
      You will receive a notification that your job has run successfully
      Your subtitles will now appear in the annotations panel
      Click the downward arrow to export annotations
      Click "Export…"
      select '.srt' from the "Format" dropdown
      Select a grouping level and click "Export"
      Click "Set subtitles"
      Locate your exported .srt file and click "Upload"
      Our job has sent successfully
      Click to maximise the player, but notice that the subtitles icon has appeared
      The subtitles will now appear on the Video player
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