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    Export Binance CSV files and import them into Cointracking

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    Before importing the Binance CSV files, please make sure that the Binance API is linked. It is crucial that you import your CSV files only after you have set up the Binance API.
    Navigate to [https://cointracking.info/import/binance_general/](https://cointracking.info/import/binance_general/)
    Click on "[https://www.binance.com/en/my/wallet/history/deposit-crypto](https://www.binance.com/en/my/wallet/history/deposit-crypto)"
    Click on "Export Transaction Records"
    Select "Customized" in the dropdown menu.
    Select the desired period (maximum 12 months) and click on "Continue".
    Click on "Generate" to export the file(s) Generating the files may take a few hours.
    Download the generated file(s).
    "Unzip" the downloaded file(s) to get a CSV file.
    Go to [cointracking.info/import/binance_general](http://cointracking.info/import/binance_general) again and click on "Datei auswählen" to add the "unzipped" CSV file.
    Click on "Continue to Import"
    Check at the bottom of the page if the uploaded CSV file contains errors. Due to the previous API import, duplicate transactions may occur, but they will be skipped/not imported.
    Click on "start import" to import the transactions.
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