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    Finding and Accepting Reticle Deal IDs in DV360

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    Navigate to your DV360 Account
    Select the partner that will be accepting the Deal ID
    Click on 'Inventory'
    Click on "Negotiations"
    Find your Reticle Deal ID\*\ \ \***Note:** once your Deal ID is created, the ID will be visible in platform. The Deals are automatically pushed to your seat via API. Pubmatic deals are typically pushed within 10-15 mins. Xandr deals may take several hours.
    Review the terms and click 'accept'
    Click 'agree'
    Now you're ready to apply the Deal ID to your desired line items\*\ \ **Note**: the deals are created to be advertiser specific. We strongly encourage that you limit the Deal IDs to only be available for the corresponding advertiser, as there can be instances via troubleshooting, where restrictions are applied that may affect scale on other advertisers or campaigns.
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