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    Freshdesk Intelligent Ticket Routing on DeepOpinion Studio

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    Navigate to [](
    Click on "Automations" from the left sidebar menu
    Click on the name edit icon to change your automation name and save it.
    Now you can setup the source that will trigger your automated workflow. In this tutorial it is Freshdesk
    Click on Trigger to see the drop down menu of integrations Select Freshdesk Trigger Click "Add a new credential" from the side menu that will appear Type in your API key and your freshdesk account url link Select the credentials that you just created Click "ADD NODE" Now your Freshdesk account is connected
    There are many more integrations coming soon!
    Now it is time to create your ticket routing AI model Click on Model. Click "CREATE A CUSTOM MODEL" Click "CREATE"
    You will notice step 2 "Models" just appeared
    Now you will need to get your historical tickets data from freshdesk On freshdesk protal, navigate to the tickets page. Click "Export" on the top right corner Click "Show multiline text fields" Select "Description" & "Priority" as those are the 2 columns you will need. Click "Export" You will then receive an email with a link to download the tickets data
    Now you can use your historical ticket data to train the AI model Navigate to step 3 "Training Data" from the top menu Click "UPLOAD" Click "BROWSE FILES" and select your historical tickets data Select the column that has the ticket description for "text" and the priority column for "label" Click "CONFIRM AND UPLOAD TRAINING DATA" Once the upload is complete you are ready to train a model
    It is time to train your AI model Navigate to Step 4 "Model Training" from the top menu Click "Train a model" and a pop-up window will appear Type "Ticket Prioritization v1" as a name for your model Select "Base English" from the drop down menu Wait for the training to complete and Status to be "Ready" Then Click on the upward arrow to publish the model Now you can use this AI model in your automation workflow
    You can choose to activate or deactivate your automation at any time Navigate to the dashboard tab on the sidebar menu Select the automation Click "DEACTIVATE AUTOMATION" or "ACTIVATE AUTOMATION"
    Navigate back to the Automation page from the sidebar Select the automation you just created earlier Click "EDIT" on the top right Now you are ready to add the model you just trained
    Click on Step 2 "Model" Choose the model "Ticket Prioritization" Click "ADD NODE" Now your ticket prioritization model is connected to the automation too.
    Now it is time to connect your output which is updating your ticket with priority label Click on Step 3 "Output" Choose frshdesk from the dropdown menu A side window will appear Select from the dropdown menu the field you want to update which is "Priority" Click "ADD NODE" Now your automation workflow is ready and you can activate it Click "ACTIVATE" and you go live!
    You can also see the status of your automation from the "Automation Summary" card on the dashboard

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