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    Gmail Templates

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    Navigate to [](
    Alert! Before you can create a template, you need to enable this setting in Gmail. 1. Settings 2. See All settings 3. Advanced (Along the top) 4. "Enable" Templates

    Making a Template

    Click "Compose"
    Click the "Subject" field.
    Type your subject. This is also what the template will be called.
    Type the body of the email. In this example, I'm typing the blank layout for a parent newsletter.
    Once everything is typed out, delete your signature line.
    Alert! If you leave your signature in the template, it will appear twice when you use the template next time.
    Click the 3 dots at the bottom of the compose window.
    Put your mouse on "Templates"
    Click "Save draft as template"
    Click "Save as new template"
    The template will be named whatever you put in the subject line. You can change it if you wish.
    Exit this compose window.

    Using a template

    Click "Compose"
    Click the 3 dots in the bottom of the compose window.
    Hover your mouse on "Templates"
    Click the template you want to use.
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