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    Google Docs How to Number Pages

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    Open your document to get started.
    Find "Insert" among the options along the top of your window.
    Select "Page numbers" from the drop-down menu.
    You can hit "Page count" to get the total number of pages displayed at the end of your document. But this will not number your pages. To do that, you'll need to click "More options"
    You can have Page numbers displayed at the top or bottom of your page. Select Header or Footer, depending on your preference.
    Once you have made your selection, you can set other options such as when to start the page count, and if you would like to display the page number on the first page. Hit "Apply" to finalize your changes.
    You'll now see your page numbers in your Header or Footer, depending on which option you selected.
    You can continue customizing your Header or Footer, or just click away from it to finish up.
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