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    Google: How to Apply Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets

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    Navigate to a Google Sheet
    Click the column you'd like to format based on a condition.
    Click "Format"
    Click "Conditional formatting"
    Click this field to narrow down the exact cells you want to be affected by this conditional formatting. For this spreadsheet, the numbers start in cell F4 and end in cell F514, so I update that as shown below.
    Click the drop down box to determine what has to happen for the cell to be formatted (this is the "condition" that needs to be met).
    For this sheet, I want to color code any cell that has a number Equal to or Higher Than 37, so I click "Greater than or equal to"
    Click the "Value or formula" field and type the value (37, in my case)
    I want to change the color of the cell if it matched the above condition. You can also bold, italicize, underline, strikethrough, and change font color of whatever is in the cell.
    Here I am choosing the color I want the cell to be if it matches that condition.
    Click "Done" to apply the condition.
    Click here to add additional conditions for the column.
    Repeat the step of narrowing down the cells you want to format, if applicable.
    My next condition is to check if the number in the cell is less than or equal to 23. I click "Less Than or Equal To" to apply this condition.
    Click the "Value or formula" field and type in the number (23, in my case).
    Click here to select a color for this condition.
    Click "Done"
    Click here to continue to add conditions (I require 3 conditions. The 3rd is shown below).
    Narrow down cells again, if applicable.
    For this last condition, I want to color the remaining range of numbers that fell between my "low" of 23 and "high" of 37. I select "Is between"
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