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    Grid View Creation

        Creating a new view

        Right-click on the "Library" name to see the options.
        Click "Properties"
        Click on the "Views".
        Click "Grid View"
        Click "Add New View"
        To add a new view, users have to provide the name of the view first and then have to click on the "Save" button.
        After clicking on the "Save" button the following screen will appear where users will see a list of all available fields for this library. Users can select which fields they want to see. They can also change the column appearance sorting by dragging those columns up and down.
        BizTRAQ also allows users to select the data view sorting option for grid view as well.
        Users can select and multiple fields from the option to set the sorting of the fields.
        Based on the selection of "Sort Columns", the user can select the data filtering option for each selected field. Currently, there are two options available and those are "Ascending" & "Descending".
        Click "Save & Close" to create this new "Grid View".
        Click "close"
        Click on the "Library" name to see the grid view for that library.
        By default, the "Default" grid view is set up as default. However, users will be able to see the newly created view in the list "View" dropdown.

        Selecting default view

        Users can select any of the available views to set as default. Meaning the library grid view will be shown as the "Default View" setup was created. Let us consider the following case where the default view is changed to the "New View". To do so, users have to follow the following process.
        Click "Properties"
        Click here.
        Click "Grid View"

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