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    Groups: How to Add Group Managers and Transfer Ownership Rights in GlobalLinker

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    Navigate to [](
    Click on Resources (Desktop) or Menu on the Mobile
    Click "Groups"

    Step 1: Make a Group Member a 'Group Manager'

    Click on the Group where you wish to Transfer Group Manager Rights. Here we have clicked on a Test Group "Growing Together".
    You will now be on the Groups page. Click on the 'Settings' icon
    You will be directed to the Group Settings Page. Click on 'Select Action' and then "Add Another Manager".
    Tip! These settings can also be accessed by clicking on your profile picture and clicking on 'Settings'
    Alert! The Group Member whom you wish to appoint as the 'Group Manager' - Their company profile needs to be verified i.e. have the verified mark to become a Group Manager/Owner. You won't be able to select this group member otherwise. They may apply for verification via the timeline or their profile.
    Click on the Group Member from the list of all members joined this group. Here we have selected an existing group member "Mahesh P"
    Tip! You can add up to 3 Group Managers. A group can have 4 Group Managers.
    Confirm your selection by Clicking on "Add"
    The action will be confirmed below. You can now Transfer Ownership Rights to another Group Manager. Please scroll below.

    Step 2: Transfer Ownership Rights to a Group Manager

    Alert! Ownership Rights can only be transferred to existing Group Managers.
    Click on Select Action next to your Group Name and click on "Transfer Ownership Rights".
    Alert! You will only see the option of 'Transfer Ownership rights, if the group has multiple 'Group Managers'.
    You will see all Group Managers. Here we select our Group Manager "Mahesh P"
    Click "Confirm"
    The action will be confirmed below.

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