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    Guide: How to Add an Editorial Review to Amazon

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      Sign into your Amazon Author Central page - if you do not have one we highly recommend creating one and getting your books added to your author page. That is a necessary first step before you can move forward. If you already have an Amazon Author Central account and your books are added there then you can proceed.
      Click "BOOKS" to see all of the books listed on your account.
      Click the book that you want to add an editorial review for in this example it is Jon Bragg Blue Essence.
      That will then show you all of the formats that you have for that book on Amazon. In this case there is a kindle book and a paperback. We are going to select the kindle format.
      Click "Edit book details (US-only)" in order to edit the details of the kindle book and add the Editorial Review.
      In the Editorial Review section click the "Add review" button.
      Now open up your eBookFairs account so that we can go grab a review from eBookFairs.
      Once you are on your book reviews in eBookFairs you want to select any of the reviews that are completed (usually one with a rating of 5). To get to the text you click the "Completed" button.
      Scroll down to the actual review text on the review page.
      Select all of the text that was written by the reviewer. Please do not edit what they wrote. This is THEIR review and should not be altered unless they for some reason have anything in the review that violates Amazon's guidelines.
      Right click to copy all of the contents of the review text.
      Paste the text copied above into the text area under "Add your Review." We also highly recommend reading the rest of the text on this page to make sure everything that you are posting adheres to Amazon's guidelines.
      Click "Preview" once you are done.
      Click "Submit" to submit your Editorial Review. It will take some time for Amazon to process and show the Editorial Review.
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