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    Guide to Configuring an Email Account with Akky (Copy)

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      Akky created a product page showing the 3 different OX email plans they offer. Users choose the service that best suits them, and add it to the cart.
      The user completes their payment flow, and the service is added to their akky administration panel, initially in the "Unconfigured Mailboxes" section so that they can complete the Initial Configuration.
      The user has to complete their initial setup by typing or selecting a domain name, and filling out the information for the mailbox they wish to create.
      Once you complete the form, the service is added to your panel, from where you can edit the password, edit the mailbox name, Configure a DNS that is assigned as a courtesy, Access the help section, Cancel the service, o Check the mailbox (from App Suite)
      Within the setup panel, there's a button that allows you to change mailboxe's password.
      Enter new password, and save changes.
      A notice appears that the account was successfully modified. To check the mailbox, you can click on CHECK MAIL, or go directly to the site <>
      User needs to enter the credentials created to access the App Suite.
      That's it, the mailbox is ready to use.
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