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    Guide to using Flip in your Canvas Course

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    Integrate Flip into your Canvas Course

    Navigate to [](
    You can use your University of Idaho account to login to Flip. Click "Continue with Microsoft" and login using your account and password.
    Once you have logged in, click your profile icon at top-right of the screen and choose "Integrations" from the dropdown menu
    Click "Create a new Canvas integration"
    The Canvas integration you're creating will belong to an individual course, so it's recommended to use an explicit name for organization purposes. For example: XYZ123 - Intro to Fundamentals - Fall 2023 Click 'Create' after naming.
    You'll need to copy a few lines from Flip and paste them into Canvas. TIP: Open Canvas in a separate window for easy copying and pasting.
    Flip will create your course, ready for you to link to Canvas. Open your course at [](
    Inside your course, click "Settings" at bottom of course navigation links
    Flip must be installed in your course first. In the settings click "Apps" at top
    Click the Flip icon...
    ... then click "Add App". You'll be presented with a pop-up window asking for a Consumer Key and a Shared Secret. Both of these come from the Flip integration so head back to your Flip browser window.
    Click the icon next to the Consumer Key for your course (this will copy it to your clipboard, ready to paste). Now head back to your Canvas browser window.
    Paste the Consumer Key in the appropriate box.
    Press [[ctrl]] + [[v]]
    Repeat this process for the Shared Secret (copy from Flip, paste into Canvas)
    After pasting your Key and Secret, click "Add App" at bottom.

    Access Flip in Canvas

    Awesome--you've integrated Flip into Canvas! Next, you'll need to add Flip to your Course Navigation links to access it in your course. Start by clicking "Navigation" at top of the Settings page
    There are 2 lists in this section: items in the upper list will be shown in navigation and items in the lower list will not appear in navigation. Find the Flip entry (likely at bottom of lower list) and drag it to the upper list.

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