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    HCSC (BCBS TX, IL, MT, NM, OK): Transfer Instructions

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    Sign the transfer form here. After signing, you will receive the completed copy in your inbox: [https://signnow.com/s/g7mePVmY?name_formula=BCBS_TX_IL_MT_NM_OK_Transfer%7CName](https://signnow.com/s/g7mePVmY?name_formula=BCBS_TX_IL_MT_NM_OK_Transfer%7CName)
    Navigate to [https://producers.hcsc.net/producers/login?logout](https://producers.hcsc.net/producers/login?logout) and login. If you don't know your password, go through the Sign Up flow (instructions here: https://scribehow.com/shared/HCSC_Portal_Sign_Up__PRTLa569Rpquj-0wep-T-Q)
    Click "Producer Services"
    Click "Change My GA Affiliation"
    Enter the following information: New GA ID--> 107864471 // New GA Name --> Spark Insurance Services LLC // Procuder's ID --> your ID; if unknown enter NPN // Procuder's Name --> your name! If you have an agency, enter both. The select "choose file" and upload the document you completed.
    Click Submit. You should receive an email notification. We'll then follow up with the carrier!
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