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    How Borrowers can Pay for Credit with Floify Forms SmartPay Link

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    Creating a form with a SmartPay link for your borrower to follow to pull credit

    From your account, go to *Settings*
    Click "Settings"
    Click "Add New Form"
    Click the "Form Name" field and create a form name. The example we used is "\[Company\] SmartPay Form"
    Click the "Form Description" field and enter an optional description
    Pick the category to place into your template documents (if applicable)
    Create the form by dragging fields from the left to the box on the right. You can get assistance from [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) with building forms if needed.
    When all fields and descriptions are in place, be sure to ***Save***
    Click "Return to template documents" if you'd like to view your new form in your list of template documents
    You can now add this to an existing loan flow, or add it to your auto-doc requests to automatically add the form to new loan flows

    The Borrower Side

    Your borrower can now click the action icon to view and fill in the form
    Your borrower can then indicate that they've ordered credit, they already have a credit report, or that they do not widh to order credit at this time
    The borrower can read and follow the link you have pasted

    Form is Submitted

    When submitted, the form will show up in your pending bucket, like any other borrower uploaded document, to view
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