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    How Do GitHub Actions Work

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      Go to one of your GitHub repositories. You can set up Actions on an existing repo or a new one. For this tutorial, we'll use an existing repo.
      From your repository page, click on the Actions tab.
      You'll see the setup page next. You can pick a preconfigured workflow or create your own.
      We're going to create our own. Click "set up a workflow yourself"
      You will need to create a workflow in a .YAML file. We're just going to copy a sample workflow from an open-source repository, but you can find workflows for any purpose or create your own.
      Once your .YAML file is complete, hit "start commit"
      Give your file a name and description.
      When everything looks good, select "Commit new file" This only scratches the surface of GitHub Actions. Poke around the setup page to learn more about it.
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