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    How To AI Test YouTube Thumbnails

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    START by Downloading TubeBuddy For FREE ⬇️<>
    One option to access to the AI analyze tool is the TubeBuddy side bar.
    The other option is to click "THUMBNAIL ANALYZER"
    Click "or select a file (max 2 MB)" and upload YouTube thumbnails you would like the AI to analyze.
    Click the thumbnail of your choice. Click "Use selected thumbnail".
    Click "OK"
    If you would like to use the power of math and science to see which thumbnail will performer better on YouTube, click "THUMBNAIL ANALYZER"
    Click "Run A/B test on thumbnails"
    Click "Next"
    Click "Until It Reaches Statistical Significance"
    Click "Next"
    Click "Start Test"
    Click "OK"
    To check in on your AI thumbnail A/B test click the TubeBuddy Tool at the top navigation
    Click "Create A/B Test Now"
    Click "In Progress"
    Click the test you want to view.
    Click "Stop Test" if you want to end the A/B test for any reason, and choose the original or variation thumbnail.
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