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    How To Bulk Edit YouTube Videos

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    Within the "Content" tab in YouTube Studio click the "Bulk & Misc Tools" dropdown.
    Click "Find & Replace Text"
    Click the "Find Text" field and enter the text you want to find across your videos.
    Click the "Replace text" field and enter the text you want to replace with across your videos.
    Click "CONTINUE"
    Click here if you want to only load recent videos.
    Click "A list of Video IDs that I specify" if you have video IDs locked and loaded that you want to copy/paste here.
    Click "All videos within one of my playlists" if you only want to change videos within a specific playlist.
    Click "Search a list of videos that match my Search Phrase below." Click the text field to enter the keyword of your choice.
    Click "I want search a full list of all my videos." for 99% of cases, this is what I use.
    Click "CONTINUE"
    Click "All" to select all videos that meet your search criteria.
    Click "CONTINUE"
    Double check all of the fields here to ensure you are swapping the correct meta data before moving forward.
    Click "Yes, do it, then click "START!"
    After the videos have been processed, click "DONE"
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