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    How To Create Gantt Charts In Notion

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    Click here.
    Type "/timeline"
    Click "Create a timeline database view."
    Click "New database"
    Give your timeline view a name.
    Click here.
    Add details and properties to each item in your timeline.
    Toggle between items in your timeline with these arrows. Click here.
    Format your timeline view by Day, Week, Bi-Week, Month, Quarter or Year.
    Move and adjust the start and end dates of each item directly on the timeline.
    You can also choose to display certain properties on your timeline here.
    Click "Edit view"
    Click "Properties"
    Click this icon.
    Finally, you can create dependencies within your timeline like so.
    Click "Create"
    Click here.
    Click here to drag the dependency icon to connect it to other items in your timeline.
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