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    How To Do YouTube Keyword Research

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    START by Downloading TubeBuddy For FREE ⬇️<>
    Click "TubeBuddy Tool"
    Click "Launch Keyword Explorer Now"
    Click the "keyword..." field and type in your desired keyword to reasearch
    Click "EXPLORE"
    Click "Related Searches" to discover a high score keyword
    Click "Video Topics" to get inspiration for video titles
    Click "Results" to get inspiration on the best titles and thumbnails
    Click "Summary" once you are done understanding how your video can stand out in search results
    Click "Google" to understand variations of your keyword that you can include to optimize for Google SEO
    Click "Common Tags" after you understand your Google SEO keywords
    Click "+ New List" to create a list to save your research
    Click this text field and type in the name of your list
    Click "OK"
    Select relevant tags from the "Common Tags" tab
    Select relevant tags from the "Google" tab
    Select relevant tags from the "YouTube" tab
    Click here within the Action menu to find your list
    Click your newly created list to save your meta data research for later usage
    Download our Full TubeBuddy Guide for FREE ⬇️\
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