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    How To Download a W2 from QuickBooks Online

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    Log in to your QuickBooks Online account.
    On the left sidebar, select taxes and click on "Payroll tax"
    To the right, select "Resources."
    Select "W-2s."
    You can select if you want the Employer or Employee W-2
    If you are looking for an older filing, you can click "Resources."
    Select "Archived forms and filings"
    Set the date range you are looking for.
    Select the W-2 filing.
    Click "View." This will open the W2 in a new window which you can then download or print.
    Here are a few important reminders when downloading a W2 from QuickBooks Online: - Ensure that all the employee information is accurate and up to date before downloading the W2 form. - Double-check that the tax year selected is correct to download the W2 form for the desired year. - If you encounter any issues or discrepancies in the W2 form, contact your employer or the payroll administrator for assistance. - Keep backups of your downloaded W2 forms for future reference and safekeeping.
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