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    How To Get More YouTube Clicks

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    START by Downloading TubeBuddy For FREE ⬇️<>
    Click "TubeBuddy Tool"
    Click "Launch Click Magnet Now"
    Click "Power Rankings"
    Use the scroll bar to examine top performing videos vs lowest performing videos, and 2x down on the winners, and stop producing the losers.
    Click "BACK" when you are done getting insights
    Click "CTR opportunities"
    My "Avg CTR is 3.80%"
    TubeBuddy will show you videos that are below your average CTR, but have a high average watch time. These are opportunities to improve your title and thumbnail on a "good" video.
    We recommend focusing on videos with a "high' or "very high" opportunity score.
    Click "BACK" once you have finished identifying CTR opportunities.
    Click "Element Inspector"
    In "Face vs "No Face" you will see the performance of thumbnails with and without a face. Click "Emotions"
    In the "Emotions" tab scroll to see which facial emotions perform best for you.
    Click "Sizes"
    Here you'll see which size faces perform best in your YouTube thumbnails
    Here's you see whether thumbnails with text or no text perform better for you
    Click "Text vs No Text"
    Click "Words in Titles"
    Here you'll see which words in your titles perform best on YouTube. 2x down on the winners and stop producing the losers.
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