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    How To SEO Optimize YouTube Videos

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    START by Downloading TubeBuddy For FREE ⬇️<>
    Click TubeBuddy tool
    Click "SEO Studio"
    Click the "Enter your Target Keyword" field and type your desired keyword
    Click "START" to begin the SEO optimization process
    Enter an SEO optimized title and description that checks all of TubeBuddy's boxes and gives you the highest score possible.
    Click "NEXT" to begin creating the best set of tags possible
    Click "ADD TO TAG LIMIT"
    Make sure your primary keyword is your first tag, and drag it to the top left "#1" spot
    Click "NEXT" to see your meta data in context next to other YouTube videos
    Click "UPLOAD THUMBNAIL" to see your thumbnail vs competitors
    Click "NEXT" once you are satisfied that your thumbnail will stand out vs other videos
    Click "SAVE DRAFT" to save meta data for later usage. If you are optimizing an existing video you can implement this new metadata here
    You'll see your draft here, and then Click "APPLIED"
    In applied you see a list of all videos you have optimized using YouTube SEO Studio
    Download our Full TubeBuddy Guide for FREE ⬇️\
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