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    How To Setup A Heatmap Schedule.

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    Navigate to [](
    Choose which method you will be using to select your GMB. You can use any of the options to create a schedule such as the MY GMB, Config, MAP URL, or Place ID.
    Select the GMB you will be creating this schedule for. You can choose from any of the tabs. It does not need to be in integrated GMB.
    Select a keyword. (You do not need to enter multiple keywords in this step. Later on we will be selecting which keyword or keywords will be running for this schedule.)
    Select the distance between points that you prefer.
    Then select your grid size. You will not be charged additional credits for using a larger grid size.
    Check the box that says "Save Configuration". This is saving all of the settings you have imputed to be used for the schedule.
    Then start your heatmap.
    Name your configuration. You will want this to be something you will recognize later on. Can be the name of your GMB.
    And save the configuration.
    Lastly for this part, start your heatmap.
    Now that we have the configuration saved. We will go to schedule.
    Then click New Schedule.
    Here we will name this specific schedule. Once again we will want this name to be something that we can remember what it is for later on.
    Here is where we will set the frequency of this schedule. If you change the left box to weeks, and the right side says 1, then this heatmap will run once per week.
    Now we will select the configuration we created earlier.
    We can choose to start the first heatmap of the schedule now, or a future date. We already ran a heatmap to create the configuration, so you may want to start this at a later date.
    Lastly we will enter the keywords we want to run every time this schedule runs. Please note, each keyword will run a separate heatmap and will also consume its own credit.
    If you would like to run multiple keywords then we can select the keyword list option. Then select the list you want to use. If you do not have a list yet, you can create on in the top menu area where it says "Keywords".
    Then click save and you schedule will then automatically start running at the frequency you have set.
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