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How To: Start a Family Law Court Application

Learn how to file a Court Application yourself in Ontario.
Created by Samantha Prescott | 13 steps
Click "Family Law Rules"
Click "form-8-en-dec20.docx"
This will bring you to a Word document version of the Application which you can fill out. Fill in everything to the best of your ability. You will see that you will need to fill in the name and address of the Court you wish to bring your Application in. If your family matter involves property, you will bring the Application in the Ontario Superior Court. If it does not, bring it in the Ontario Court of Justice.
To file an Application, you will also need to file a Financial Statement (a Form 13 or 13.1). If your matter involves possible property and support issues, file a Form 13.1. If your matter can only possibly involve support issues, file a Form 13. If this is confusing, just choose a Form 13.1. Below, you will see where to find a Form 13.1.

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