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    How To View Competitors Insights

    • Summer Evans |
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    Click the "Your competitor’s website (Example:" field.
    Type in your competitors url " [[enter]]"
    Click "Competitor Insights"
    You can check the latest month or even filter back to previous months.
    You can shar insights such as traffic share to social media platforms and more.
    You can view their page visits, unique visitors, average visit duration, and bounce rate by percentage.
    Click here.
    You can view the different channels by month by percentage and number of visitors.
    Highlight the different channels to see the insights on the graph to the left.
    Continued insights for visualization.
    You can also view the social media usage by percentage and number of people who engaged with them on social media.
    View the numbers by page.
    Evan view the types of devices used and the numbers for each visitor per country.
    View the top ad creatives for your competitor and active ads currently being run.
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