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How do I create a Slackbot?

Creating a Slackbot can be a great way to automate tasks and streamline communication within a team. Slackbots can be used to send notifications, respond to commands, and even provide helpful information. With a Slackbot, teams can save time and energy by automating mundane tasks and allowing team members to focus on more important tasks. Knowing how to create a Slackbot can be a valuable skill for any team looking to increase efficiency and productivity.
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Go to and click the "Create New App" button.
Enter an App Name and select the Development Slack Workspace you want to add the app to. Click the "Create App" button.
On the left-hand side of the page, click the "Bots" option.
Click the "Add a Bot User" button.
Enter a Display Name and Default Username for your bot. Click the "Add Bot User" button.

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