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How do I create a form in Notion?

If you are looking to create a database or organize information in Notion, creating a form is a great way to do so. Forms allow you to quickly and easily capture data from users, such as customer feedback, survey responses, or contact information. You can't create a form in Notion today but there are some tools out there built to help!
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Notion does not natively allow you to create forms but there are tools available that plug into Notion so you can create a form in Notion. One of our favorites is NotionForms. Here's how to create a form with NotionForms.
Navigate to and sign up with your Notion account.
NotionForms automatically imports the databases in your account. Select the one you want to create a form for.
You can test your form by entering data (this isn't saved)
You can preview your Notion form by selecting "Preview Embed"

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