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    How to AI Generate YouTube Titles

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    START by Downloading TubeBuddy For FREE ⬇️<>
    Select the video with YouTube Studio that you would like to generate a new AI title for.
    Click the "What is your video about?" field, and if you don't already have a title for your video you can enter keywords here that describe your video.
    Click "Generate Ideas"
    Choose the title that you think is best, and click "Apply"
    Click "< Back" when you are done.
    Click "SAVE" to implement the new AI generated title.
    If you would like to A/B test your AI generated YouTube title vs the old one, click the TubeBuddy toolbox tab on the side.
    Click 'A/B" Testing & Title Generator
    Click "Title"
    Click "Next"
    Click this "Until It Reaches Statistical Significance"
    Click "Next"
    Click "+" next the AI generated title you would like to test.
    Click "Start Test"
    Click "OK"
    To view your in-progress tests, like the TubeBuddy Tool at the top of the screen.
    Click "Create A/B Test Now"
    Click "In Progress"
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