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    How to Access the Library Databases, Find a Topic and Sources

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    Click on the link to the databases.
    Scroll down a bit and click "Opposing Viewpoints"
    If you are off campus, you'll have to sign in by clicking "Dallas College Student/Staff/Faculty login"
    Click "Browse Issues."
    Search through the list until you see something interesting to you. Click on the title.
    Scroll down to see the different types of sources related to this topic. I recommend starting with Featured Viewpoints, but Academic Journals, Magazines, Viewpoints, and others can be helpful too.
    For instance, click "Featured Viewpoints"
    You'll see several sources of information.
    For any that you want to use, click "Cite" to capture the citation for this work.
    Click "APA 7th Edition"
    Click "Select" - you'll need to copy and paste this citation into our assignment on Brightspace.
    Make sure to send this article to yourself!
    Click "Email"
    Click the "To:*" field.
    Type in your email address.
    Click "Close"
    Alternatively, you can download this article to your device. Just copying a link to the article won't work because it's behind the Dallas College login wall.
    To go back to the results, click here.
    Click on the other areas to find other sources. You can repeat this process with the other databases too!
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