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    How to Add/Edit a Demand Charge

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    Tip! Users can only edit charges within a copied global rate schedule and/or within their own custom rates.
    To Edit a Demand Charge, start by clicking on the blue text within the Demand Charges modal.
    Click on the appropriate cell and type in the new charge.
    Tip! You can drag a charge from one cell to another so it populates the same charge throughout the selected cells.
    To add another Line, hover over the green PLUS sign and click on "Add Line Item, Group 1". You may also add a line by RIGHT CLICKING on any line item and selecting "Add Line Item to Group".
    To add another Demand Charge Type, click on the green Plus button within the Demand Charges modal.
    Select the proper charge type and continue creating your rate.
    If the tariff mentions a demand ratchet, please be sure to build it first and then reference in the appropriate charge type.
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