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    How to Add Attendance and Setup Grading

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    From within a Blackboard Course, click "Mark attendance"
    When you access the attendance feature for the first time, you decide if you want to add attendance to your gradebook. On the Attendance page, select Add Attendance and the Settings panel opens.
    Let's review these settings.
    You can change the default settings for the grade display and for Late in the grade schema. You can't change the percentages for Present, Absent, and Excused. Excused counts as Present for scoring purposes. You can choose whether to include Excused in calculations.
    In this example, late and present students will receive the same grade, so 100% is marked in the late field.
    It is not required to use the grading feature in the attendance tool. To remove attendance from the gradebook, toggle "Use attendance as a grade" so that it is a grey "X"
    Review the notice on removing grading, then click Continue.
    To turn grading back on, click "Use attendance as a grade" to toggle on a green check.
    Review the notice, and click "Continue"
    When completed with setup, click "Save"
    If you have just enabled grading after it was turned off, acknowledge that the attendance grade will change by clicking "OK"
    At this point, you can begin marking the attendance for the day.
    Students can be marked as Present, Late, Absent, or Excused. Selections can be made individually, or all at once by clicking on the column header, demonstrated on the next step.
    Click on the column header "Present"
    Click "Mark all present"
    All students marked as present.
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