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    How to Add License to GitHub Repo

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      To get started, navigate to the repository to which you want to add the license.
      Select "Add file" to the right of this page.
      From the dropdown menu that appears, click "Create new file."
      Name your file [](
      Next, select "Choose a license template" to pick from premade templates.
      While GitHub has a ton of license templates for you, we will select GNU General Public License for this project.
      Read over the documentation, and select Review and submit when you are done.
      You will need to commit the files to your repo.
      You can add the file to your main branch or create a new branch entirely. Either way, give your commit an appropriate message and description.
      Next, hit propose new file. If you use the main branch, you will hit commit new file instead. Both options achieve the same result. Keep in mind you will have to approve the pull request if you choose to make a new branch.
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