How to Add Output to RTMP Encoder | Scribe

    How to Add Output to RTMP Encoder

        Click the Edit Icon in the RTMP Encoder Instance
        Click "Add Output"
        Give the Output a name - for example StreamGuys_Prod_US
        Tip! Before proceeding ensure you have all the necessary connection information from your hosting provider
        Provide the Host IP or DNS Name
        Alert! RTMP By Default Runs on TCP Port 1935 - Adjust this if your provider uses a different port
        RTMP Port 1935
        Add the Publish Path - for example Live
        Add Stream Name - For Example Test_Stream
        Alert! Add Your Username and Password if your hosting provider requires authentication
        Click "Add"
        By Default the Output will not connect until you press the Play/Connect Button
        Click "Close"
        The Status Window Shows the Connected Outputs for the Encoder Instance
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